Friday, February 20, 2009

I haven't done a whole lot of runs this week; my right calf seems to be strained. On Sunday, noticed a little bit of pain in my leg that was radiating up through the back of my knee. I did a short 4 mile run in a little under 33 minutes on Tuesday night. I had gotten home a little late because I had gone to visit my stylist Christina after work. We were trying to figure out what to do with my hair for the wedding. I had chopped it off last month and it's really short in the back, but we think we have few options. On Wednesday, Madison had a hair appointment, so I dropped her off, ran to the grocery store and then took the dog out for a quick 3 mile run. My asthma seemed to be bothering me that night due to the cold and wind, but it felt really good to get out. The dog was happy too. I finally went back to the salon to get Madison around 7:30. She had gotten purple streaks put in her hair. Now don't freak out Laura; it looks really cool! It's on the underside of her hair where the blond was. I will post pictures soon.

The goal for this weekend is to just take it easy with light running. My calf is feeling better and I feel a little more rested. No need to over train myself! I will probably just do a six mile run on Saturday and then take it easy on Sunday. We have plans to go to the Mizzou vs CU game on Saturday and then skiing on Sunday. Have a good weekend.

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