Monday, February 9, 2009

Cutting up vegatables to put on the grill. Madison took my picture, but wouldn't let me take one of her. Her hair was gross (that's what she said)

I had planned on doing a five mile run on Thursday night, but that was before I fell asleep at work. I had never been more tired in my life, so I left at five and went home and just rested, cooked dinner, and hung out with Madison. Friday, I woke up and had a horrible sore throat, so it’s probably a good thing that I decided to take it easy. In the past I’ve ignored the warning signs of a cold and ran anyway making it much worse.

Rick and I got up to a beautiful morning on Saturday. He decided that it would be a great afternoon to get out and do a trail run. I was still feeling really low on energy and didn’t want to push my recovery time, so I agreed that I would go with him and just do a hike with the dog. However, I put on my Salomon Wings trail running shoes “just in case”. We got to the trail head and he took off and I started on a slow ascent up the trail. It was totally gorgeous and pretty soon I started aching to run. The fatigue that had shrouded me the last two days slowly slipped away and I began a slow jog. The smell of the pines, the happy panting of the dog, and the sun shining through the trees had me pumped and ready to go. I figured that if I took it really slow, I wouldn’t do much harm to myself. I soon came to a fork in the trail and I had to make a decision. One way was a little “easier” then the almost straight up incline of the other trail. “Challenge yourself” I heard my inner voice say, so I started up the trail with the steep incline. Oh it hurt bad, but it also felt so good. I hadn’t been on a trail run in a couple of months and the familiar feeling of peace settled over me. Trail runs are my best runs. I always have a smile on my face and I never care how far or how fast I am going, I just enjoy the moment and go. I figured that I had been running for at least an hour and a half and I knew that Rick would be wondering where I was, so I headed back. He was not the least bit surprised that I had opted to run.

Saturday afternoon, we grilled out and enjoyed the day. Madison was in a good mood (which is rare…..teenagers), so we had a really nice family dinner together.

Sunday I got in a very slow, pretty uneventful ten mile run. My body decided for me that it would be a comfortable pace day and I was happy to oblige. Sometimes you just need to listen to what your body is telling you; it usually knows what it needs. Saturday, mine was happy to be out on the trail and allowed me a wonderful run (even after I had been sick). My legs felt strong and my breathing (asthma) was under control. Sunday, my body wanted a slow run and I let it have its way. I felt tons better Sunday afternoon and my energy level finally felt normal.

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