Monday, January 19, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Ahhh, what a great weekend. Too bad it's Monday again. Friday, Madison spent the night at a friend's house. I know...the child just can't stay home. Rick and I both worked kind of late and were starving when we got home. I had planned on putting in a few miles on my treadmill, but I decided that my growling stomach overtook any kind of workout thoughts. I made cheeseburgers with pepper jack cheese, roasted potatoes, and then threw together a salad. Mmmmm, my stomach felt much better, but I was too full and tired for a workout by then. Rick and I just lounged around the rest of the night, being very lazy, which is odd for us. Normally, neither one of us can sit still. It’s kind of nice just to relax every now and then.

I got up on Saturday and vacuumed the whole house, mopped the kitchen floors, and dusted before I went to get my hair cut and colored at nine. My stylist, Christina, had moved places again and her new place was only 5 minutes away. This will be so handy when I have to take Madison to get her hair done on the weekdays. It used to take us 40 minutes to get to her old place because traffic was always so bad.

When I got home, the weather had warmed up considerably and the sun was streaming through the windows. We have floor to ceiling windows in our great room and I absolutely love to sit in this room and feel the sunshine.

Our great room

My new, shorter hair cut. I love short hair; it's so easy!

Rick and I debated on doing a road bike ride or just get out for a run. The high on Saturday was supposed to get up to near sixty, so it wouldn’t have been too cold for a bike ride and there where tons of bikers out on the street as I was coming home from my haircut. We decided that Sunday would be the better day for a ride though. The high on Sunday was going to be 65! Rick decided that he was going to add more memory to our slow as hell computer and would run later on in the day. I got my runner gear together and was out the door. On a whim, I decided that I would take the dog. She was standing there looking at me with those soulful eyes as I was leaving, how could I resist? I got in an eight mile run, but the last two were spent letting the dog rest, letting the dog roll in the snow, petting the dog and coaxing her along. The longest run that I have taken her on is a six and a half miler, so she definitely wasn’t used to this. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to do eight miles. Oh well, it was good for the dog. She lounged on her couch the rest of the evening, dead to the world. Rick and Madison agreed that I broke the dog and that she was getting two old to go running that many miles. Whatever! She is only six (or will be next week)!

We talked it over on Saturday evening and decided that Sunday would be a great day to get up in the mountains and ski! Madison has been eager to go with us to check out the little town of Breckenridge and its shops (she doesn’t ski; too much work), so we went and picked up one of her friends to spend the night and then accompany her on her shopping expedition.

Sunday morning, we were up by five and were out the door by six. We had planned on driving up, skiing/shopping for a few hours, and then leaving by noon in order to beat traffic and enjoy the nice weather back in Denver, which is exactly what we did.

The girls sporting their cool shades. Dorks!

Riding up in the gondola

Rick doesn't want to be on my blog or facebook

Tara-Breckenridge 2009. Peak 10. Getting ready to do Centennial run

Tara-Breckenridge 2009. Peak 10. Getting ready to do Centennial run

Sunday night, Rick and I got out for a short run, which completed a wonderful weekend.

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Loving Life said...

Your pics from Breck. are pretty. Your haircut is supercute too! I'm thinking about getting side bangs, but I am afraid I'll push them out of my eyes all the time & they'll get on my nerves...hmm...the things I worry about lol.