Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is this????

Yesterday, the weather got up to 70 degrees here in the city. I came home for lunch with the intention of getting in a nice quick run. I had thought about it all morning. Ahhh, the sun was shining and I couldn't wait to be out enjoying the warmth! I got home and quickly changed into the running clothes that I had set out that morning. It felt so amazing to put on shorts instead of running pants! I ran downstairs to let the dog in, so that she could go with me. Ah oh. Right away, I knew something was wrong. The dog wasn't making eye contact with me. Normally, if I leave her outside, she is usually happily wagging her tail and looking in our patio doors at me. Today, she was standing back a bit and giving me a snarl. She had done something wrong and she knew it! Oh crap, I thought, what did you do now. I looked out the doors and yep, she had been busy, the yard looked like a dump. The dog has a dog door that leads into the garage (she has a bed in there in case it rains), however, this is also where we keep our recycling stuff. There were papers strewn everywhere, my trail running shoes were out there, and then I looked in the corner of the yard and noticed a bag that looked pretty familiar. It was the plastic bag that I had loaded our leftover roasted chicken carcass in. All that dumpster diving had made her hungry, she had eaten everything, bones and all. The only thing that she had left from the bag were some paper towels (she likes to eat toilet paper, so this surprised me that she left them).

Looking guilty and not making eye contact

Paper towels from the chicken carcass

My trail running shoe!

Damn dog had papers everywhere!

Anyway, needless to say, I spent the better part of my lunch break picking up the papers in the backyard, scolding the dog, and straigtening up the garage. I also closed the dog door. I didn't get my run in. I had to settle for the dreadmill that evening after I got home from work. I only got in 4 miles, since I was so tired and it was after seven o'clock. Oh well, I'm sure there will be other nice days. I can't wait for spring!


Loving Life said...

Oh Piper! I bet you were mad at her :)

Anonymous said...

Nah! Not really, she's too cute to be mad at. Especially when she's snarling her mouth at you, trying to act mean. It's so funny.