Thursday, January 15, 2009

Typical Night

It's a typical night at the Fuqua/McLain residence.

Here's Madison in "her" chair with her laptop. When she is not at the mall, movies, or a friend's house, this is her favorite place to be. She comes home and plops herself down in her chair every night to do homework and check out friends on the web. I swear the chair has an imprint of her butt. She is very happy in this photo because she just purchased a new sidekick phone off of e-bay.

Here's the dog laying on the landing of the steps to the basement. She is pooped out from a day of sniffing, pooping, sleeping, eating, dragging trash out of the recycle bins, and sleeping some more.

Here's Rick working at the bar downstairs. He has been working a lot lately with year end and all. Reminds me of last year when I was averaging about 80 hours a week working. Yes, when I first moved out last year, I landed a job that required me to put in a LOT of hours, which included weekends, holidays, and work from home. I had my laptop strapped to my hip at all times. This was the type of job where people bragged about how many hours they put in in a week. If you put in less then 50, that meant you were a peon. It took me about 10 months, but I finally came to my senses and got out of there!

Here I am (yes sans makeup and looking hot) after my nice hot, long bath. I am curled up on the couch and ready to go to bed. Yes, it is only nine o'clock, but a girl needs her rest.

Here's Maddie choking, I mean loving on the dog.

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Loving Life said...

Good picture. You look beautiful even with no make up on. That's natural beauty..and the best! :)

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Great song from the Twilight soundtrack! Look it up.