Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time to quit talking and just do it.....if I'm gonna do it.

The time has come to decide on which marathon I want to sign up for next fall. Now, I’ve actually signed up for one in the past, but never actually ran in it. Every time I sign up or the thought even crosses my mind to sign up, something happens that prevents me from actually doing the marathon. So I’m a little wary about this decision to sign up for another one! Two years ago, I signed up for one in Kansas City, but a couple of things came up and I wasn’t able to run in that one. First there was the whole allergy thing...well, let me explain. I was out on a run on the MKT night and was just finishing up a 6 and a half mile run and I started having an intense itch in one of my legs and my lower back. No matter how many times I scratched, I could not relieve this feeling; I honestly thought that I would scratch my skin off of my body. I soon broke out in hives to go along with the itch and my face and lips started to swell. By this time, I had reached the house and I hopped in the shower. Probably not the brightest thing in the world, but I never said that I was very smart. Rick brought me some Benadryl and I took those, but started to feel extremely nauseous and light headed. Rick called up our friend Paula, who is a doctor, and she said not to worry unless I couldn’t breathe. Well, right around this time, my throat started closing up and I was having a hard time taking a breath. Rick very calmly told Paula that he was getting off of the phone and calling 911. By this time, I’m lying in my closet floor gasping for air and the thought crossed my mind that I was dying. Panic set in, which probably made the situation worse. I was in and out of consciousness by the time the paramedics arrived and Rick said that I was blue and glassy eyed. Anyway, to make a very long story short, I was diagnosed with having an exercise induced anaphylaxis attack and it took several months worth of visits to the allergist, etc to figure out what caused the attack. I’ve only had one other episode, but it wasn’t nearly has intense and I now carry an Epipen with me whenever I exercise. The second thing that happened to prevent me from running in Kansas City was that I found out that I was moving to Denver and the only weekend that I could go out and look for houses was the same weekend as the marathon. Last year, the thought crossed my mind to sign up, but I was working so much, I hardly had any time to run, much less train for 26 miles. So anyway, here we are, back to my decision of which one to sign up for. I thought that perhaps I would do a half marathon this spring just to see if I can stand running with all of those people around me. The first half marathon I did, I hated being surrounded by so many people; so I never signed up for another one. I'm kind of a lone in my own little world. I’m willing to give it another shot though, and if I don’t like it, well…maybe I’ll sign up for a marathon trail run instead! I know that Missouri has one. Anyone have any suggestions for a half or full?? I'll do a half in the spring and then the full in the fall. Summer time will be devoted to mountain and road biking, since we plan on signing up for the Copper Triangle in August again.


Loving Life said...

Don't sign up for one here, You'll make me do it with you! :)Just kidding.

I remember when you had that attack & Rick called to tell me. I was so scared. I remember exactly where I was, I was laying on my couch in Columbia. I had just gotten home from a run myself. (back when I was skinny & in shape..sigh lol) Wasn't it around October? I remember coming over to the house that night to see you though when you got home from the hospital. Poor thing. Good thing you are a hard ass! :)

Anonymous said...

What about the one in Fort Collins on May 3rd? It's supposed to be a fast one!