Friday, January 23, 2009


Our wedding is now officially two months away and there is still so much to do. We still have to find a caterer, buy rings, and I still have to buy some sort of dress (ugh). Rick and I are meeting with our wedding officiant tomorrow morning in Colorado Springs to write our wedding ceremony, so we finally sat down last night and looked over all of the samples that she had e-mailed to us. I could not believe how cheesy and gloomy some of them sounded. Who writes these things? How about something that sounds simple, to the point, and sounds like the wedding is a celebration? We highlighted a few of the paragraphs that sounded decent and will take them along with us tomorrow to have written into the ceremony. We also scanned through a list of caterers and found some that we are going to check out while we are in the Springs tomorrow. I hope that we can finalize something with the caterer, I really want to check that off of our list too. Madison is going to go with us tomorrow as well. We are trying to make her a part of the ceremony and she wants to check out the little bed and breakfast where we are having the wedding. I’m excited for her to see it! She had her heart set on another venue, but I think that she will like this one better. It’s very rustic and quaint; just what we were looking for.

Here are a few pictures of the Lodge where we will hold the ceremony. We rented out the entire lodge, as well as a cottage and cabin. Rick and I are hoping for good weather, so that we can have the wedding outside with the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop. It’s a gorgeous view.

A room at one of the Cabins

The front room at The Lodge.

Bride/Groom Room

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Loving Life said...

Love the pics of the lodge, looks like you guys!

I can't wait to come out there for the wedding. Wick still thinks he's going to ski. I told him not to hold his breath because of his ankle. But we'll see. Super excited to come out, wow ... 2 months away? That is sooo soon! You crack me up, you don't want to buy a dress. That's what most girls want to are such a tomboy.:) But I love ya!