Monday, January 26, 2009

Finalizing some Plans

Now, don't freak out, but yes, this is Madison vacuuming! She's trying to earn some concert money.

As you can see, she's actually multitasking. Vacuuming AND texting.

We had a great weekend and accomplished a ton of things on our “wedding to do list” that we can now check off.

Friday night, I got home from work and immediately jumped on the treadmill. The weather had been in the 60’s and 70’s all week and I had planed on doing a run outside, but on Friday, the temperature plummeted into the 20’s and it was snowing. I got myself on the treadmill before I could change my mind and put in a good ten miles before heading back upstairs for dinner. I had left Madison and Rick in charge of dinner and the smell of pizza rolls filled the air. They had whipped up a quick dinner of pizza rolls, frozen chicken strips, and fries. Mmmmmm….nothing like greasy frozen food concoctions after putting in 10 miles. Oh well, I was too hungry to protest. Friday night, we just hung out and listened to Rick play his guitar.

Saturday, we got up and drove to Colorado Springs to meet with our wedding officiant. I really liked the lady, she was very outgoing and flamboyant and I think that she will be a perfect person to conduct the wedding. We had a meet and great, so that she could get to know us and we showed her some of the wording that we had chosen for the vows, opening words, etc. I’m confident that she will write something that employs the message that we want to get across and that suits Rick and my personalities. She is supposed to e-mail us a first draft sometime this week. She also suggested someone for our cake, as well as someone to perform the background music during the ceremony. We drove over to check out the cake lady and to sample different kinds of cakes. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on cake samples and let me tell you, they were marvelous. Yum. After we got the cake ordered, we drove over to the lodge to let Madison check it out and have some of our questions answered by the inn keeper.

So let’s see, we met with our officiant, ordered the cake, hired someone to do the background music, and saw the lodge again, what am I missing? Oh yeah, we also picked out our wedding rings on Saturday. Rick kept joking that he wanted a full carbon ring (like our bikes) and low and behold, he managed to pick out a ring that had a carbon center! It looks pretty cool. I picked out a very simple platinum band that would go with my engagement ring.

On Sunday, it was snowing again, so it seemed like a great time to get out and do a little wedding dress shopping. Madison and I had done a little snooping around online about a month ago, and I had pretty much chosen the dress that I wanted, but I knew it wouldn’t hurt to look around. Rick and I hit several boutiques, David’s Bridal, etc and I just couldn’t stomach all of the fufu and fancy dresses that I saw. Yuck! Been there, done that, and not going THERE again! They also seemed to have an expansive selection of larger women dresses, but not much for smaller people, so I decided to just order the dress that Madison and I had picked out. The dress is an informal, yet elegant, dress from Nordstrom’s bridal boutique and I think that it will be perfect for the type of ceremony (low key, small, and informal) that we will be having.

Sunday afternoon was geared towards chores and of course, a short run.

On a side note. It's been exactly two years today since I had to put my dog Champ down due to a fatal cancer. He was my first dog and he will always be my favorite. He absolutely loved life and lived it to the fullest. RIP Champ. I will always miss you buddy.

Champ in our yard in Columbia

Champ after taking a swim in the pool. You can tell that he sure did love to eat!


Loving Life said...

Awww, I actually got tears in my eyes & thought I was going to cry looking at pictures of Champ. I miss him too. They felt like my dogs too when we lived in Columbia. What a good dog. Will never forget him.

Glad you got more wedding stuff figured out. Let me know if you still need me to write something----or if maddy wanted to---or you had someone else. I'd be honored to. Just let me know what you all decide!

Anonymous said...

I remember the day when Josh brought Champ to work when he was a puppy the first day he was going home with you guys. :(