Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, it’s Monday and it’s snowing here in Denver, which sure does make for a messy commute for people. It is taking some people 2 to 2.5 hours to get in, when it usually only takes 45-1 hour. I only live a couple of miles from my office. The snow only added about 5 more minutes to my commute and we live right by a train station, so Rick can take the train to work. We picked a great spot to buy a house!

The weekend had a very low key feel to it. Saturday I got up and attended to my chores and waited for the world to warm up. Rick had to go into the office because they were behind on month end stuff and Madison had spent the night with a friend, so I was on my own for the better part of the day. Fine by me, I got the house vacuumed, laundry done, and the kitchen cleaned up by 11:00 and then decided that it was time for a little run. It was sunny and in the upper 40’s, so it was perfect running weather. I threw on my running clothes and was out the door. There were tons of people out running, road biking, and walking their dogs. That’s the great thing about living in Colorado, no matter what the weather; people are always out doing something. It can be five degrees and a blizzard outside and you’ll still see people bundled up and sliding around trying to run or walk a dog. No wonder Colorado has one of the lowest percentages of obese adults in the nation. People here value a healthy lifestyle and we definitely have an environment that is conducive to that. Even in downtown Denver, there are tons of parks and running/biking/walking trails. I never thought much about it until I was moving out here last year. On one plane ride out to visit Rick (he was living and working out here a good 6 months before I moved out), a larger gentlemen in a business suit got off the plane in front of me and commented to his traveling companion “Well, I’m the fat guy again, in Kansas City, I was the skinny guy, but now I’m back in Denver and I’m the fat guy!” Being from Missouri, the comment initially offended me and I told Rick about it. He said that he had noticed in the time that he was out here that you just don’t see a lot of obese people around.

I digress though; I’m not sure what my point to all of that was, just noting my observations about Colorado and what a GREAT place to live it is! Now, back to my run. I completed a good solid 6.5 mile run at a decent pace. I felt really good and I should have taken advantage of that fact (I don’t always feel good when running), but I had to pick up Madison.

Sunday, I got in a 7.5 mile run. My goal was to do a 9 or 10 miler, but this was one of those times that I didn’t feel too good while running. The wind was raging and I was tired and felt like crap, so I cut it short. Rick, Madison, and I ran to the mall Sunday afternoon to pick up a picture that I had ordered and Madison did a little clothes shopping while we were there. She picked out a new coat from Pac Sun that she “just couldn’t live without” and a couple of new t-shirts. Rick looked extremely bored by this time (as was I), so I suggested that we hit a local brewery for dinner and we were out the door. It was good timing on our part because the pub was pretty dead with the exception of a few people in the bar area watching the Steelers vs. Charger game.

And now it is Monday and back to work.

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Loving Life said...

Back to work ... ugh!

Glad to hear Madison used her Pac Sun gift card I got her...or did she? She probably made you pay for all, huh? :)

I agree about the obesity in Colorado. Just from my trips to visit I have noticed how much "Healthier" everyone is...hmmm..maybe I should move out there. Then I could get rid of this beer belly!