Friday, December 12, 2008

Goodbye warm weather....hello ski season.

So....we have finally been getting a significant amount of snow in the Rockies. You know what that means? Ski season! We've checked out the ski resorts and they all have most of their runs open (instead of just two), so we are planning a trip into the mountains this weekend to do a little skiing/snowboarding. We'll probably just drive out to Breckenridge since it is so close and the new gondola is so convenient, but we're aching to get out to Vail again. We had heard how much fun Vail was from the locals last year, so we finally managed to check it out. They were right! We went out to the back bowls and had a blast. The back bowls and Big Sky Cabin are a little out of the way and it takes a while to get to them, but they are definetely worth it!
Anyway, I guess its time to put away the mountain bikes and the trail running shoes until spring and I will miss this....

but, it will finally be nice to go play in the snow.

We can also still do a little road riding if the weather gets nice enough. Last year, we had temps break into the 50's during the winter, so we got out on several road rides. The pic below is from a Lookout Mountain ride we did last year. It is only a five mile climb up, so it makes for a great ride and you are climbing, so you won't be too cold (notice the snow in the background, but I am still in shorts). Although the ride down is a little on the cool side....

I'll be sure to make you jeolous by posting ski pictures! He-He

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Loving Life said...

It's beautiful there no matter what the reason!