Monday, December 15, 2008

Productive Weekend, but no skiing.

Well....we didn't end up skiing. The weather forecast called for 12-24 inches of snow in the mountains; yea we didn't want to get stuck in that. I did get tons of stuff done though.

Saturday, I got up and did an 8 mile run with Piper before heading to get my hair done. I was in the salon chair for 2 hours getting the whole works done. I feel so much better. After the beautification process(yes, I realize that's not a word), I came home and did a whole bunch of chores and laundry before running Madison to a skating party. Rick and I went Christmas shopping on Saturday night and then to Sams Club for groceries.

Sunday, it was cold, snowy, and ZERO degrees, so we thought...great time to get to the mall! No one will be there! So we went and did more christmas shopping. Madison had spent the night with a friend the night before, so we were able to sneak her presents home and get them wrapped. Sunday afternoon, Madison and I put the Christmas tree up and made peanut butter blossums. Yummy! Rick brewed a new batch of beer and we both worked on a batch of homemade beef stew. We took turns cutting up veggies, potatoes, beef, etc. It was a pretty tasty dinner. That night, we piled up in the four runner and drove around looking at christmas lights. I wished that I had taken pictures of this one house. Eat your heart out Griswolds! This house looked so tacky, but it was very cool! There were people getting out of their cars to take pictures and to just stare in amazement this whole garage sale of lighted objects, that were stuffed into this person's yard.

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Loving Life said...

tree looks good. I can't wait to see you guys!!! :)