Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

It's finally here! Christmas! I left work early on Tuesday the 23rd to pack, wrap remaining presents, and get Piper settled in with the neighbors. We were driving to Missouri for Christmas on Christmas Eve morning, so we opened our presents to each other before we left.

Madison opens her gift. A new purple Ipod to replace her old pink one.

Rick opens his gift while Piper watches for something to chew on

Piper opens her gift..yum, yum, treats!

After cleaning up and getting the car ready, we hit the sack. The next morning, we got up and hit the road to Missouri. The drive itself was pretty uneventful. Madison listened to her new Ipod and read her Twilight series books, I read and napped, and Kansas was as exciting as ever. We got to my sisters house around 8:00 that evening and had a chance to visit with my mom, dad, brother, sister, their significant others, my cousins, uncles, and my niece. It was wonderful to see everyone, but we were exhausted and ready to sleep. Madison managed to open one of her Christmas gifts early though.

Christmas morning, I got up and did a 5 mile run. It was fun to see my old hometown and I ran over to see my grandparents and saw many old friends along the way. I managed to reconnect with an old college buddy of mine on my run. She was out shoveling her driveway as I ran up and I was very happy that she recognized me and I didn't scare her. It was wonderful to see her. Her husband had passed away from cancer this past year, yet she seemed to be in a good place emotionally. She's a rockstar! Her daughters had grown into very beautiful young ladies. After exchanging e-mails, I ran back to my sisters to shower and prepare dinner. We had decided not to do the traditional ham, turkey etc this year. Rick made some awesome chili and we whipped up a batch of beef stew to take to my mom's for Christmas dinner.

Tara and Rick Christmas Day

Mike, Bailee, Jordan, Jacob, and baby Sydnee

Mark and Stacey

Tara and Ryan

Rick opening his new Broncos shirt. A round of boos went up from my Chiefs loving family.

Maddie opening gifts.


Anonymous said...

Who is that bald stud in the LiveStrong shirt?

Loves Life in Colorado said...

Hah! I thought you would like that.

Loving Life said...

did it show you I'm logged in from Baltimore!? :)

You are the best sister anyone could ask for. Thanks for yesterday, ha ha!

Can't wait to see you in March for the big wedding!

Loves Life in Colorado said...

Yes, You were logged in from Baltmore.

Tara Fuqua