Monday, December 1, 2008

First Snow and new boots

It started snowing Saturday morning and pretty much snowed off and on the rest of the weekend. It was pretty, but it kept us inside. Ugh.

After the Mizzou football game on Saturday, we met some friends downtown to grab dinner and hang out. We went to a little irish pub that was a little too fufu for my taste, but the food wasn't bad and the beer was good. It was nice to sit and chat. The couple that we met had only lived in the US for a short time and were actually preparing to move back to Australia on Monday.

After saying our goodbyes, Rick and I walked over to the gigantic downtown REI store. We each bought some new gloves. He bought some smartwools and I purchased some new thin running gloves. We also got Piper some new dog boots for hiking! I sounds crazy, but she's a big hairy golden retriever who spends a lot of time digging ice out of her paws while we hike. We've seen several dogs with boots out on the trails, so we thought we would try them for her. We got home and put them on her and watched her dance around while trying to walk. It was hilarious! She didn't quite know what to think, but I took her outside to play in the snow with her tennis ball and the boots were quickly forgotten. I think that they will work out very nicely.

Sunday, not much was going on and by that time we were pretty much out of our minds with boredom (why can't there by four day holidays in the spring?), so we went treadmill shopping. Sports Authority was having a huge sale on their treadmills, so we hit them up first. Don't know what to say, there was something wrong with every one of them (according to me). The belt was frayed, the incline didn't go up high enough, they made too much noise, or the belt was to short. Ugh. We spent an hour in there and then decided to go run on the Precor treadmills with the Integrated footplant technology just to see if it made any difference. Hell yes it did! I didn't feel like I was fighting the treadmill; it just felt like I was running on the road. I was able to go faster and feel more in control over my running then on the other treadmills. Problem is, I'm cheap and don't want to spend that much on a treadmill. Rick has been looking around at used fitness equipment dealers and we think that we have found the Precor 9.31 for a pretty decent price.

I started the Twilight series this weekend. I had originally purchased the books for Madison for a book project, but decided to see what all the hype was all about. They are pretty good! I have already blown through the first two books in 4 days, so now I need to go pick up the other two. Madison is furiously trying to keep up with me. She hates to read; I don't think that she is really my child.

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Jacque said...

Hi, Tara. It's Jacque (Jacobi) Eidson.

I'm not exactly sure how I got to your blog, but somehow I am here.

I just wanted to tell you that you are as beautiful as ever, and your daughter is certainly following suit.

Like you, running and reading are my favorite "escapes" as well. However, I will admit that I'm a bit envious of your running scenery. JW and I are big Colorado fans and have taken many vacations there.

Take good care!