Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally...the Turkey Day Pics

Hmmmm...why do these walls keep falling down? Oh....these aren't really the walls?

Now we've got it!

Finished product! Finally....

Dog after our 6 mile run

Rick getting ready to carve my bird

Goofing off with the mashed potatoes

Piper's new hiking boots.

The weather was great this past weekend, it was upper 50's on Saturday and 65 degrees on Sunday. We tried to make good use of it, since we know that this won't last too much longer! Saturday, Rick and I took the dog out to Lair of the Bear. Rick and Piper hiked while I did a trail run. It was gorgeous out and I was so happy to be out in the pines. I was running on fresh legs (didn't run all week due to the snow and ice), so I was cruising up the mountain at a pretty decent speed. The trail was dry and there wasn't any snow, we couldn't figure out why there weren't any mountain biking out and about. They must think that the trail is wet and muddy. Shhh...our little secret...we decided to return on Sunday to get in a mountain bike ride!

Sunday, we went back out to Lair of the Bear to get in a little mountain biking. We were the ony bikers on the trail, so it was so much fun! It felt great to be able to get out in December to bike in the high country. was not a good weekend for Missouri football. Mizzou lost on Saturday and my Chiefs lost on Sunday. At least the Chiefs put up a good fight. I was actually proud of them, they are finally starting to look like a team again. I hate the Broncos! I'm glad I didn't waste my time at the game....we almost went. Maybe next year.

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Loving Life said...

Oh yea, you know that big town of marshall, we have to shop at orschelns ha ha! Don't worry I'll spare getting your present there :) Those pics of the ginger bread house are cute. Looks like you guys had fun!