Saturday, December 27, 2008

Columbia, Rockbride, and Murrays

Friday, Rick and I drove to Columbia to visit old friends and hang out at old haunts. We got to Columbia around 4:00 that afternoon and headed to Bambinos for dinner. Mmmmm....provel cheese smothered over a plate of pasta. You can't beat it. They don't have Provel in Colorado, seems to be just a Missouri thing. I got plenty of odd looks when I asked for it at the groceries stores.

After dinner, we checked into our hotel to freshen up and then met up with our friends Tim and Paula for drinks at Flat Branch. It was great to catch with old friends and I was happy to be drinking my favorite Oil Change Stout.

Saturday morning we got up to do a trail run at Rockbridge State Park. It was 65 degrees out, but a big storm was brewing. We hurried to the trailhead to start our run and found the trail was a huge mud pit. Rick opted for a hike, but nothing stops me when it comes to trail runs. I was gone. It was awesome and I did something that I haven't done in a long time. I turned off my Ipod, I turned off my fancy GPS Forerunner, and I just ran for the pure pleasure of just running. I enjoyed the feel of humidity in the air and the sounds of birds singing in December. I have no idea how far or how long I ran. I ran until I was tired and then I ran some more and the whole time I had a smile on my face. Finally, I noticed a slight change in the air, a cool breeze and some rain drops. Crap. I had to get back. I turned and ran back down the hill and started for our car. The rain and wind picked up and I was praying that there would be NO hail. At the bottom of the hill leading to our car, the tornado sirens started going off. I sprinted up the hill faster then I had ever ran it, the tornado sirens blaring the whole time. I plopped myself down in the 4 runner, muddy and out of breath. "Have a good run?" Rick joked. "It was awesome!" I replied.

Saturday night, we met some friends at Murray's; a favorite of mine and Rick's.

Craig, John, and Rick. They will all turn 40 this year....hard to believe.

Tara and Rick. Rick holding my eye that always wants to shut open.

Tara and Kim

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