Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

The four day holiday was wonderful! Very nice and relaxing. We decided not to do the Texas drive this year and we didn't have anyone join us out in Denver, so it was just the three of us.

I left work at 2:00 on Wednesday and got in a 5 mile jog. The weather was 60+ degrees and it felt good to get out, even though the run itself was feeling pretty bad. It took forever, but I finally made it back home. Madison and I headed to the dreaded mall to christmas shop. She was meeting a friend there later on, but I convinced her that it would be good mom/daughter time if we went a little early. I managed to pick out something for my mom, niece, cousin, and of course, Madison. We hit the mall Starbucks to grab a fu fu coffee drink while we waited on her friends to show up. I hadn't eaten anything since lunch, so I was about to pass out from hunger. The starbuck's drink provided just enough calories for me to make it home. I picked up Tokoyo Joe's on the way home for dinner and Rick and I ate and hung out until Madison got home. She was having a friend spend the night, so she conned Rick into taking them out to pick out a horror flick. She seems to think horror movies are funny and has a good time watching her buddies scream in fright.

Thursday morning, Rick and I went on our coffee run and then I preceeded to get the bird ready for the oven. After I finally got the turkey dressed and in the oven; I decided to take Piper on a run with me. I had bought a 12 pound turkey, so I estimated that it would take about 3 and a half hours, so I had plenty of time to run, shower, and prepare the rest of the dinner. There was absolutely no one out on the roads and Piper and I had a nice peaceful 6 mile run. She was happy to be out and about. I normally don't take her with me because she can be a pain in the butt. She loves to jump at the cars as they are driving by, but like I said, there were no cars out, so she wasn't trying to eat them.

We got back and I showered and set about preparing the rest of the meal. By this time Madison and her friend had come up from the basement dungeon and were working on their gingerbread masterpiece. They were creating a gingerbread house with gingerbread, icing, gumdrops, etc. I have never laughed so hard. They had the roof as the walls and the gingerbread kept breaking to where they had to use the icing as glue. It was hilarious. Rick finally swooped in to help, but not before I had snapped a few pictures.

Anyway, after I had mashed the potatoes, baked the rolls, cooked my green beans with onions and bacon, stuffing, etc and the gingerbread house was FINALLY up; we sat down to linner. Yes, linner. That's what Madison likes to call a meal between lunch and dinner. Rick likes to call it dunch, but Maddie insists that it is LINNER.

The rest of the day was spent lounging and goofing off. We drove out to explore a new state park and to see if there were any mountain biking trails that needed to be explored.

I have pictures that I will post as soon as I download them to the computer.

Friday, I got up and took Piper on a 7 mile run and then we (Rick and I) spent the rest of the day cleaning and doing some extra chores.

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