Thursday, November 13, 2008

Running and the Goat

Last night, I got in a 6 ½ mile run. It is becoming increasingly hard for me to run lately because the cold, dry air is causing my exercise induced asthma to flare up. I have to run pretty slow so that I can breathe normally, otherwise I sound like a locomotive coming down the road. It is extremely frustrating! I usually love running in winter, but since Colorado has such low humidity, my chest heaves and I spend a lot of time coughing. I hate the feeling of my chest becoming tight, I always wonder if I’m having a heart attack. Oh well. I did my run in an hour and two minutes and went home to chow down on some goat. Yes, you heard me right, goat. My boss raises goats on her farm and she talked me into trying a goat roast. She insisted that goat was very lean meat and very low in cholesterol. Since I will eat pretty much anything, I agreed that I would try the meat. It was very good! Very tender and tasted a lot like pot roast. I went ahead and told my boss that I wanted to try the goat burger and the goat stew meat. If it’s lean, I’ll use it in stew, chili, spaghetti, etc. I think Rick thinks I’ve gone mad. His initial reaction was “goat, huh, sounds very….interesting”.

In other news, yesterday, Rick and I signed a common law marriage affidavit. In the eyes of the Colorado law, we are legally married. We figured since we were officially getting married in March, we would go ahead and sign the affidavit, so that we could do our taxes together and be on the same healthcare plan, etc. Tara McLain. Sounds catchy doesn’t it? I won’t legally change my name until after the wedding even though I can’t WAIT to get rid of Fuqua. No one can pronounce it. I’ve gotten some pretty creative pronunciations. Just use your imagination.

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Loving Life said...

Yah! You're officially not a Fuqua anymore :) Bet that feels good. Congrats. Can't wait to come out in March & I know you can't wait to come to Marshall in Dec, can you? :) ha.