Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday Update

Just as an update: Madison and Rick bought me a new phone for my birthday. This was Madison’s idea, of course, since she is thirteen and obsessed with phones. I guess that they were both pretty tired of seeing me running around with what has been deemed “the ghetto razor”. The back on this phone would never stay on, so I finally taped it on. This seemed like a pretty smart idea to me and it made the phone functional again (I’m too cheap to buy a new one), but apparently Rick and Madison were tired of seeing me with a taped up ghetto phone. The new phone is a Samsung something or other (see picture above). They brought it home and Madison played around with it all night. I didn’t get to even look at it, so of course when I got my first phone call the next morning; I had no idea how to answer my own damn phone.

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