Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Activities

I had a pretty low key, but very fun, weekend. Friday I got home from work around 5:30 and started on laundry and dinner. Madison was going to Missouri over her fall break, so we had to get her packed for her 7:15 flight on Saturday. Madison already had her laundry sorted by the time I got home, so I threw a load in and put the chicken in the marindade. I cooked Madison's favorite of spicy chicken, red beans and rice, cheesy/garlic bisquits, and corn on the cob. She was happy, fed, and packed by 9:00.

Saturday, I woke up at four in the morning to get in the shower and get the kiddo up by 4:30. We needed to leave by 5:00 and we were dragging butt! Surprisingly, Madison was in a pretty good mood. She's normally a bear in the mornings. I think she was really excited to go back to Missouri to see her grandma and her best friend Drew.

Saturday afternoon, Rick and I went to Lair 'O' the Bear for a Mountain bike ride. I love this trail. It is one of the "easier" mountain bike trails here in the foothills outside of Denver with only a mile and a half climb and then some super fun downhills. It's not very technical and very close to home, so it is usually jam packed with hikers, bikers, and runners. This weekend was no exception, especially with the weather in the 70's.

While I was riding, I decided that I really need a new mountain bike. Rick just bought an 08 Specialized full carbon marathon and he loves it! It's got the brain on the back shocks and says it works great. I'm still riding my 05 Trek Fuel, but you can tell it's starting to fall apart. I just bought my new carbon road bike though, so it might be next year before I can justify splurging on a new mtn bike.

Sunday we decided to explore some new trails. We drove out past Colorado Springs to the Crags Trail Rick was going to hike with the dog and I was going to trail run (of course). The elevation at the trail head was over 9,000 feet and it topped out at over 10,000 feet, so when we got there, we were not surprised to see snow. I was a little disappointed because I would not get a really great run because it was a little slick going uphill, but I was going to try it anyway. This was a beautiful trail. You are running along in the woods and all of a sudden the trail opens up into a meadow and there are some truely outstanding views. Rick took some pictures that I will have to post later. The trail wanders uphill a little farther and then it gets pretty steep. I am pretty much walking at this point due to the ice and the steep hill. It was definitely worth it at the top. We were on on top of the Crags, which is a group of rock pinnacle formations. Again....awesome views! I only managed to get in a 4 mile run at 11:15 pace, but it was worth the trip.

After we got back to the car, we ate lunch and headed out to Cripple Creek to check it out. This is a little gambling town about 30 minutes from Cascade. Cascade, CO is where we are having our wedding, so we figured people could drive out to Cripple to do a little gambling if they wanted.

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