Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday Trail Run

Saturday, Rick convinced me to do a trail run instead of a run on the road, ok... I admit, it didn't take much convincing. I absolutely love being in the woods! I especially love RUNNING in the woods. I always manage to achieve a sense of well being and calmness from the sights, smells, and solitude in my surroundings. I love being the lone person on the trail with just me and my thoughts, just enjoying the peace. Fall is one of my favorite times to trail run. I love crunching through the leaves and feeling the chill in the air.

We went out to Deer Creek Canyon for our run. Rick convinced me to take the dog too (even though she had just gone to the groomers on Wednesday and actually smelled decent). I hadn't done a trail run in awhile, so the thought of the two & a half mile climb left me feeling a little aprehensive. I started out slow, but knew that the first mile was not very steep. I thought that my heart was going to pound out of my chest, but I made it up and felt pretty warmed up and ready to tackle mile two. The second mile is incredibly steep and I knew I would have trouble (the altitude ALWAYS gets me), but I made it up with only a few short stops to catch my breath. The last half a mile evens out a bit...ahhh a breather. After the 2.5 mile climb, the trail flattens out and the run is a little easier. At the 3 mile mark, I turned and came back down.'s all down hill from here! I put in about 6.20 miles. What a great day!

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