Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Love of my Life

The other day, Rick was typing up an email to tell his friends about our wedding. I jokingly asked if the words "ball and chain" were included in any of the wording. He laughed and said, "No, I'm telling them that I'm marrying the girl of my dreams". Even though I knew it was a joke, I alos knew he meant it, and it took me back to a time when we were more lenient with our words. When phrases such as "love of my life", "never felt this way about anyone else", and "I've never been so excited about a new relationship" fell easily from our lips. I don't remember when the words turned into comfortable silence and meaningful glances, but I've come to realize that I don't need the words anymore. The way we move through life, in tune with each others thoughts, emotions, and touches, we can tell that we belong together.

I can't wait to marry the love of my life.

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