Monday, October 20, 2008

Last Week

Since I am suppose to be keeping track of my marathon progress, I guess I should update this dang thing.

Tuesday the 14th-Got in a short 4 mile jog. I didn't get home from work until 6:30, but forced myself to get out and go! Felt very sluggish and tired, like I was getting sick, but finished fairly strong with a nice easy 9.06 mile per minute pace. Sure enough....Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat and achy flu feeling. I knew it! Started the vitamin C, zinc tabs, and cold ease right away.

Thursday the 16th-Still felt pretty under the weather, but the temp was in the 70's, so of course, I couldn't let it pass me by. I was only planning on a 3 mile jog, but ended up running 5 miles. I felt pretty strong by the end of the run with my best pace being 7:15.

Madison had a concert on Friday night, so I elected to cook dinner and drink wine instead of run...imagine that. She went to the Panic of the Disco concert at the Broomfield Event Center. According to her, it was "Amazing"! Her friend's dad took her and her two friends (thank god I didn't have to go), so I cooked baja citris mahi mahi in orange juice, rice, sugar peas, and bread for dinner (plus the Shiraz....yummy). Rick and I enjoyed a great evening of conversation and dinner; that didn't include chicken strips (for once).

Saturday we decided to go mountain biking at Apex park. This is a great trail and it is sooo close to Denver. It has many loops to choose from so that you can make it as short, or as long as you want. My favorite is the Enchanted Forest loop. Most of it is downhill, but there are a few VERY steep climbs that make it really challenging.

Saturday night we grilled steaks and chicken and watched the Mizzou game. That was a waste of time! Guess Chase isn't going to win that Heisman after all!

Sunday I woke up, slapped on my forerunner, and headed out to Deer Creek Canyon for a trail run. I tried to talk Rick into going, but he wanted no part of it (he had taken Friday off and did a 4 hour mountain bike ride...crazy son of a ...bite my tongue). I had ran this same trail last weekend, so I knew what to expect. Climbing and exhaustion. I just wanted to go farther, and faster! I ended up doing a little over 7.5 miles with a 3.5 mile climb. I pushed it and tried not to take any walking breaks on that steep section (couldn't help myself on a couple of occasions), but ended up with a 11:50 pace ('s the mountains!). I would like to try and do better next time, but I'll admit, I was worn out when I was done. I need to take some water with me next time on the run. I think I dehydrated myself on the climb. It was 75 degrees. It felt great to finish and the adrenaline rush was fantastic!

Rick, Madison, and I went to Boulder in the afternoon to shop, eat, and enjoy the weather. What a great day. We went to a few of Madison's shops that she just can't LIVE WITHOUT and bought a few items. We also went into Farfels Farm to purchase a few dog items; cookies, etc Yes....even Rick went. He was become such a Piper lover; although you would NEVER hear him admit it.

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