Monday, October 13, 2008


It's official. We've found a place and set a date! My wedding will be March 21st at a rustic little bed and breakfast in the mountains. Check it out.

We rented out the lodge, cottage, and the cabin. It has spectacular views of the mountains, so weather permitting, we will be married on the patio. If there is snow (and there very well could be in March), we will move the ceremony indoors next to the fireplace (under the giant elk head....Jeff will love it). Check in will be Friday the 20th, ceremony on the 21st (and dinner), then check out on Sunday.

We almost rented another place. Sunday we decided to check this one out (I had found it on the internet and thought it looked cool), so we took a drive down there. The drive out was gorgeous with the highway winding through the mountains and the vibrant fall colors. Then we saw the lodge all nested in between some pine trees up in the mountains and I was sold. I'm glad we took the spur of the moment drive and didn't book the other place.

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