Monday, September 29, 2008

Three day weekends?

I vote to have four day work weeks and three day weekends. Who's with me? Of coure, I would be working 12 hour days every day. Ugh.

Great weekend as usual here in Colorado. Rick worked all weekend (budgets....still), so I was pretty much on my own, although we did get out to scout out potential wedding venues. Found a really pretty spot down near Colorado Springs. We could rent the whole bed & breakfast for pretty cheap, so it's a maybe. I still want to elope, but we'll see. It would be fun to have a few family and friends around.

What else? Oh, I got an eight and a half mile run in on Saturday and a five mile run in on Sunday. No biking this weekend since Rick was working. I don't like to go mountain biking alone out here, too much work. It was great running weather with the temps in the 60's in the mornings. I took the 8 1/2 miler pretty slow since I was still recovering from being sick, but I would like to ramp it up next weekend and do a 10 miler.

On Sunday, I did my weekly chores and then went out for my 5 mile run. When I returned, I turned on the Chiefs/ Broncos game to see how bad my losers...I team was doing. They were actually winning 16 to 13! Now, "don't get excited" I told myself, "these are the Chiefs, they could still mess it up", but I still kept a nervous eye on the tv. Now, being a die hard Chiefs fan, I have to admit, I HATE the Broncos. Die hard Chiefs fans know that you can't be a Chiefs fan AND root for the Broncos. OH NO! You have to want them to die! I kept thinking ahead to the following day at work. It would be soooo cool to go in and gloat about kicking the Broncos butts when everyone thought the Chiefs would lose (so did I actually). The seconds kept ticking down, the Chiefs scored another touchdown, then a field goal, I was sweating and so nervous that I thought I would puke. My sister called to say "what the hell is going on?" "Shhhh", I said, "you're going to jenks them!" I kept on watching and they kept on winning and I kept on screaming (my daughter slammed the basement door due to the happy yelling) and by god they WON! I was so happy! I could go into work tomorrow with my head held high (Rick says I leed a sad existence).

I wore my Chiefs jacket, bracelet, and red and yellow today. Another Chiefs fan, who happens to sit in the office across from me (they like to keep us contained), wore his Tony Gonzalez jersey. It was a proud moment. Until next week that is....

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