Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taking it Easy

What a great weekend! We started it off by getting up and taking a drive through the mountain to see if we could find any fall colors. The Aspen trees were just starting to turn, so we may have been a week too early. The falls out here don't compare to the brilliant oranges, pinks, and yellows back home in Missouri, but the Aspens are ususally a vibrant yellow that is very pretty.

Our main goal of the trip was to try and find a spot to have our wedding. We checked out a couple of resorts, bed & breakfast, etc, but didn't really find anything with a view that we really liked. Madison wanted to drive up to Grand Lake, so we checked it out as well. It really is a gorgeous place and we decided that we would look online to see if we could find a resort to have the wedding.

That evening we wanted to get out and do something active. We've both been sick and I actually ended up in the urgent care last week (don't run 8 miles when you have a cold....just doesn't work too well)because of it, so I was supposed to be "taking it easy". We agreed to do a short road ride. We only did about 18 miles, but it felt great to get out.

Sunday we did a mountain bike ride out at Waterton Canyon. We don't this trail too often because there is a 6 mile dirt road that you have to ride on just to get to the good trails, but the views at this place are amazing! We did the Roxborough loop, which has some pretty crazy climbs and some fun downhills. It's not very long, (remember....taking it easy)but we got the fun ride that we were after. We also saw some bighorn sheep hanging out in the middle of the dirt road trail. They just stared at us as we rode by.

Sunday night we barbequed buffalo burgers and got the weekly chores done.

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