Monday, September 29, 2008

Three day weekends?

I vote to have four day work weeks and three day weekends. Who's with me? Of coure, I would be working 12 hour days every day. Ugh.

Great weekend as usual here in Colorado. Rick worked all weekend (budgets....still), so I was pretty much on my own, although we did get out to scout out potential wedding venues. Found a really pretty spot down near Colorado Springs. We could rent the whole bed & breakfast for pretty cheap, so it's a maybe. I still want to elope, but we'll see. It would be fun to have a few family and friends around.

What else? Oh, I got an eight and a half mile run in on Saturday and a five mile run in on Sunday. No biking this weekend since Rick was working. I don't like to go mountain biking alone out here, too much work. It was great running weather with the temps in the 60's in the mornings. I took the 8 1/2 miler pretty slow since I was still recovering from being sick, but I would like to ramp it up next weekend and do a 10 miler.

On Sunday, I did my weekly chores and then went out for my 5 mile run. When I returned, I turned on the Chiefs/ Broncos game to see how bad my losers...I team was doing. They were actually winning 16 to 13! Now, "don't get excited" I told myself, "these are the Chiefs, they could still mess it up", but I still kept a nervous eye on the tv. Now, being a die hard Chiefs fan, I have to admit, I HATE the Broncos. Die hard Chiefs fans know that you can't be a Chiefs fan AND root for the Broncos. OH NO! You have to want them to die! I kept thinking ahead to the following day at work. It would be soooo cool to go in and gloat about kicking the Broncos butts when everyone thought the Chiefs would lose (so did I actually). The seconds kept ticking down, the Chiefs scored another touchdown, then a field goal, I was sweating and so nervous that I thought I would puke. My sister called to say "what the hell is going on?" "Shhhh", I said, "you're going to jenks them!" I kept on watching and they kept on winning and I kept on screaming (my daughter slammed the basement door due to the happy yelling) and by god they WON! I was so happy! I could go into work tomorrow with my head held high (Rick says I leed a sad existence).

I wore my Chiefs jacket, bracelet, and red and yellow today. Another Chiefs fan, who happens to sit in the office across from me (they like to keep us contained), wore his Tony Gonzalez jersey. It was a proud moment. Until next week that is....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taking it Easy

What a great weekend! We started it off by getting up and taking a drive through the mountain to see if we could find any fall colors. The Aspen trees were just starting to turn, so we may have been a week too early. The falls out here don't compare to the brilliant oranges, pinks, and yellows back home in Missouri, but the Aspens are ususally a vibrant yellow that is very pretty.

Our main goal of the trip was to try and find a spot to have our wedding. We checked out a couple of resorts, bed & breakfast, etc, but didn't really find anything with a view that we really liked. Madison wanted to drive up to Grand Lake, so we checked it out as well. It really is a gorgeous place and we decided that we would look online to see if we could find a resort to have the wedding.

That evening we wanted to get out and do something active. We've both been sick and I actually ended up in the urgent care last week (don't run 8 miles when you have a cold....just doesn't work too well)because of it, so I was supposed to be "taking it easy". We agreed to do a short road ride. We only did about 18 miles, but it felt great to get out.

Sunday we did a mountain bike ride out at Waterton Canyon. We don't this trail too often because there is a 6 mile dirt road that you have to ride on just to get to the good trails, but the views at this place are amazing! We did the Roxborough loop, which has some pretty crazy climbs and some fun downhills. It's not very long, (remember....taking it easy)but we got the fun ride that we were after. We also saw some bighorn sheep hanging out in the middle of the dirt road trail. They just stared at us as we rode by.

Sunday night we barbequed buffalo burgers and got the weekly chores done.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Copper Triangle Pic

I finally got around to ordering our pictures from the Copper Triangle. I think we are on Tennesee Pass in this shot (Rick is in front of me in his MU jersey). Notice the absolutely gorgeous mountain view in the background. This ride had some great scenery!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Should I or shouldn't I?

So I've gone and done it again. I've become obsessed with running... again. I told myself that this wouldn't happen, but it has. It happened because I've decided that I want to do a maration. Now, I know better then this. The last time that I commited to do a race, I became so obsessed with running, training, gels, salt tabs, pace, time, shoes (dear god I had so many shoes)that I drove the people around me insane. They would see me coming with that look in my eye and immediately run for the hills to avoid having to run with me.

The last time I did a race was in college. I was more of a sprinter in high school, so I had never done any long distance races when I signed up for my first half marathon. I had so much fun doing it that I kept going back for more, but like I said, I became obsessed.

So should I or shouldn't I try for a marathon. That is the question. I've got Rick on board. He said that he would train with me and give it a try. I should probably just stick with recreational running and avoid the madness. We'll see.

BTW-planning a wedding is a pain in the arse. I'm ready to just elope.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Morning Run

Piper(the dog) and I got up this morning at 5 to do a short 4 mile run. It was a beautiful, crisp morning out with the temperature hovering around 62 degrees. Great running weather. I noticed that there were more runners out then usual this morning and lots of bikers with headlights, usually it is just me and the dog. We made it back in about 35 minutes with four traffic light stops, a poop stop (not mine), and a short bunny chase. I'm slowly getting this asthma thing under control and learning how to use my inhaler so that I don't sound like a freight train coming down the road.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Summer Update-the brief story

In June, Rick and I went out to Moab in search of great mountain bike rides. We found them. Our first stop was actually in Fruita, Colorado. We had heard the the Zippity Do Da was the trail to ride. They were right. It was like a giant roller coaster. There were times when you were cresting the hill and you couldn't even see what what ahead of you. There were a couple of "Oh shit" moments on my part. I am deathly afraid of heights, so I ended up walking a lot of the trail. If you aren't scared of heights, this is one hell of a trail to try!

In Moab, we spent several days just exploring various trails and hanging out at the crappy hotel. We rode the Sovereign Singletrack (my personal favorite), Klondike Bluffs (a giggle), and one that was up in the La Sal mountains (can't remember the name) that our book labeled as a "giggle" trail and I thought was pretty tough. Oh and how can I forget....we also attempted the infamous Slickrock Trail. That tore me apart. Once we finally got past the psyche factor of going up and down rocks at that angle, it was time to leave, so we didn't get to finish the trail. Next time....BEWARE...we're doing the whole thing. We also went hiking at Arches and Canyonlands. Very pretty.

Let's see, what else? I went back to see my family over 4th of July, hung out with my friends in Columbia, MO (drank lots of beer), and did a trail run at Rockbridge. Let me tell you, after running up and down the trails out here, Rockbridge was a piece of cake. I kept waiting for the trail to get harder...nope, didn't happen. I'm anxious to get back out there with my mountain bike and see how much easier that is. I love Colorado!

Rick and I also rode in the Copper Triangle this summer (on my new full carbon Trek!). That was a blast! I was a bit worried that I wouldn't make it up the three mountain passes, but after training on Squaw pass, they really weren't that bad. The one that did kill me was Vail pass. After riding 65 miles, I wasn't ready for another 15 mile climb, but we made it. It was a great ride (very well supported) and I'm anxious to do it again next year.

Let's see, oh yeah, Rick and I are finally planning our wedding. We haven't figured out yet if we are eloping to Hawaii or having a small wedding out here for family and friends in the mountains. If we have it out here, it will most likely by in March (spring break) or June.

Has it been that long?????????

Well....everyone can tell that I am keeping very current on the whole blogging thing. Maybe I'm not cut out for this.

So what did I do this summer? Well....tons. Took a mountain biking trip to Moab w/ Rick, got a new job that doesn't require me to work 80 hours a week. did the Copper Triangle, finished my biking "season" and started running more, found out that I had excersise induced ashthma ( which makes running fun), and finally started to plan my wedding. Yes, this summer has been very eventful, but very FUN!

I'll go into more detail on each later. Happy that possible?