Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Working for the Weekend

Not much has been going on lately. I've gotten up the last couple of mornings and rode my bike with Rick. He has been riding to work, so I travel with him for the fun of it. It's nice to get up at the butt crack of dawn and get a work out in. I have had so much more energy lately since we have been doing this.

I am ready for the weekend! Seems like it will never get here. My daughter is going back to Missouri to visit her friends, so Rick and I are going to go explore western Colorado. We haven't had a chance yet to just get out and see the sights. We are aiming for some mountain biking at Fruita and Grand Junction. Can't wait!

Oh.....on Sunday, we went exploring out at ElDorado Canyon with the dog. It was a gorgeous day and there were tons of people out and about. The place was filled with rock climbers and it was very interesting to watch. Not sure that I would ever attempt to do it, but it sure looked like fun! We found a couple of trails to hike/climb (very rocky in some parts) and then decided to go and feed our hungry stomachs. We agreed that it was definetely a place that we would like to return and explore a little more. I recommend checking this park out....very pretty place.

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