Friday, May 23, 2008

Run instead of Work....sounds good

I just couldn't make it in to work today. I felt like running instead, so I called and told my boss I wouldn't be in, but I would check e-mails. I'm such a liar.

I went out to Deer Creek Canyon to try out my new Salomon trail running shoes. Yes....they totally rock!!! I'm not sure how many miles I put in, but we (the dog and I) ran for a little over an hour. I had to pick my daughter up at 12:00 and take her to the airport, so I knew I couldn't stay out there very long. It felt good to get out and put some miles in. Lately I have been biking more then running, which is pretty unusual for me. Need to get back at it!

I'm ready for the weekend! No kid (in Missouri), no dog (at the doggy camp), just me, boyfriend, and our bikes.

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