Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My new Trek

Last month I broke down and bought a new road bike. I didn't plan on this, well, I can't lie, I've been thinking about this for awhile. Anyway, we signed up for the Copper Triangle in August, so I knew that I needed to get a more comfortable bike. I've been cruising around on a 2001 Lemond Buenes Aires and I couldn't go more then 30-40 miles without my back killing me. I bought the bike on eBay a couple of years back just to see if I would like road biking, so I really just took a guess on the whole size thing. Since I am such a short shit, I really should have bought a WSD, which would be better for my short torso. I didn't know all of this when I bought the Lemond on eBay.

I started looking for a bike at the beginning of April and rode numerous bikes (all pink of course....why is it that every WSD bike's have pinkin it somewhere?) and finally decided on the Trek Madone 5.1 WSD. All of the other bikes that I rode paled in comparison. This bike just had my name written all over it. So of course I HAD to buy it. Who else would want a pink bike with Tara written on it?

I went down to Campus Cycles today to get professionally fitted for it and the only thing that we changed was the seat height. I'm ready to ride!!!

I also heard that Lance Armstrong was at the DU campus for his Livestrong foundation. I really wanted to check this out since it was right down the road from Campus Cycles, but decided not to. It would have been cool to see him though!

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