Monday, May 12, 2008

Biking at Pine Valley Ranch first blog. Does anyone ever read these things? Who knows......anyway, seems like a good idea. I love to read and write.

Yesterday, was mother's day. What did I do? Went biking of course. My thirteen year old daughter spent the night with a friend, so my boyfriend and I went mountain biking. Fun, fun, fun! Went to Pine Vally Ranch and spent three hours out there. Even took the dog, who kicked my ass for most of the 12 mile ride.

I used to live in Columbia, Mo and mountain biking in Colorado is no Rockbridge. Up, up, up we went for about three miles until we finally leveled out. Did Charlie's Cutoff and then enjoyed a nice downhill before Piper finally decided that she had had enough of trying to keep up with Rick (me too actually). Rick thought that we should give her a break and tried to convince her that she needed some water. Piper was done. I told him to go without me for awhile and that I would let her rest.

She finally rested up and we climbed back up Charlie's Cutoff and down Hownstead. So much fun! Finally met up with Rick, who was wasted, and sped down to the parking lot.

All and all, had a great mother's day, even though Madison elected to spend the night with friends instead of hanging out with me (she thinks I'm a dork).

That's all I've got. Let me know if you are reading this.


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